An NIE number is a “Número de Identificación de Exrenajeros” ie  a “foreigner’s identification number” in Spain.

If you wish to purchase a property, open a bank account, buy a car, set up a mobile phone contract in Spain, you will require an NIE.

An NIE number is also required to work in Spain, take out private Spanish health insurance and apply for Spanish state health cover.

The Decree (Real Decreto 338-1990) March 9th, establishes that anyone, of whatever nationality, resident or non resident, who has any “official business” in Spain, must have a fiscal number (NIF/NIE).

To avoid confusion, if you apply for an NIE only, you will be issued with a white certificate that will assign you your unique foreigner’s ID number that is in the format of : A-1234567-Z  (ie  letter-7 digits-letter).

Please note that this is not residency. This will be applied for at a later date.

How to apply for an NIE…

As the application process may differ slightly in different areas of Spain, it is always a good idea to check out the procedure with your local Police station (Comisaría de Policía) or foreigners department (Departamento de Extranjería) The general steps are:

1. Complete the EX15 form. (NOTE: Ensure you print out the form once you have completed it. You cannot save the data.)

2. Take the completed EX15 form with a good, clear copy of your passport and the original. (NOTE: British passport holders must take an additional copy of the front of the passport)

3. Follow the procedures indicated at your local police station.

Since 2012, the NIE certificates are only valid for 3 months, for administrative purposes. Please note, however, that your personal NIE will never change.

NOTE: For your convenience, we can arrange Power of Attorney with a recommended lawyer who can complete this procedure for you.