The Spanish Government reports property price rises in 2013.

The Spanish Government have reported that property prices in four particular areas of Spain have risen in the third quarter of 2013. Property prices in Madrid and the Balearic Islands have risen compared to the same period last year. More surprisingly is that the price of property in the smaller and lesser known regions of Navarre and Extremadura has risen this year.

Average property prices in the whole of Spain are still dropping, it is only certain areas that are gaining in popularity. Prices over the whole of Spain have still dropped by 4.5% this year so far which, although still going down, is the slowest decline in price since the recession started.

The Spanish ministry estimates that since 2008 the price of Spanish property has dropped by an average of 29%, these figures are similar to those of the Spanish statistics institute.

Is now the time to invest in Spanish property before the prices start to rise Spain wide?

Article originally published in nasdaq.

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