1269047To qualify for your Spanish Golden Visa you have to spend over 500,000 euros. However,the good news is that this can be done on a single property or a selection of properties, a Spanish property portfolio. You can also include properties already purchased as long as the amounts stated on the deeds add up to more than 500,000 euros then the granting of the visa and the right to live in Spain, along with free movement in the Schengen countries is automatic.

Is it better therefore to buy a single property and live in it or buy a portfolio and live in one and rent the others out to create an income as the visa does not include a work permit at least in the first year?

If you are looking at buying in central Madrid, Barcelona or Marbella it is less likely that you will be looking for a portfolio as the properties you buy will be more expensive than in other places and the family home may cost you upwards of 500,000 euros anyway.

In other areas it might actually be quite difficult to get a property of that price, Valencia is a good example as you can buy a high quality luxury property for half of that price. Therefore you will need to make up the difference with a portfolio.

The question of course is what you should be looking to put in a property portfolio. All the eggs in one basket may not be a good idea so a combination of long term letting opportunities, short term holiday rentals and maybe even commercial letting opportunities might be the best idea. The majority of people are more likely to want a simple long term rental portfolio that pays a decent return.

Of course we can help you plan this and also run it once purchased. We even supply portfolio selections with properties already giving a return on investment for those wanting to start immediately earning money from their portfolio in Spain.

Just drop us a line.


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  3. Chris.Gamble

    Buying a portfolio of properties is a great way to benefit from the Spanish Golden Visa as prices have never been better. Certainly in the Cadiz, Costa de la Luz,Campo de Gibraltar and La Janda areas you could acquire niclely positioned small clusters of attractive properties all in areas which are increasing in popularity for holiday makers and inward investors

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