Getting Spanish Work Permits


The new Golden Visa for Spanish Residency does not include a Spanish work permit as standard. That is one of the reasons that we suggest buying a Spanish Property Portfolio that actually produces an income if you are going to be residing in Spain.

You may apply for Spanish work permits after the first year of your residency so we also recommend keeping back an amount of money to tide you over for the first year. However you can apply for a work permit while here if certain conditions are met. There is a good description of these conditions on the Ministry website

Bear in mind that you will be required to show that you can support yourself and that you have health insurance when you apply for residency (Which will be granted automatically if you have spent over 500,000 Euros in total on your property purchases.

To know more about work permits and property portfolios contact us here or simply click the links to be taken to our pages about these processes.

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