Spanish residency for non EU nationalsWhat to expect from our lawyers in Spain :

If there is one rule above all in choosing lawyers in Spain, it is this: never use the lawyer suggested by the developer. Then there is a second rule of course, always use a lawyer who speaks your language or a language you can both understand.

Here at Spanish residency we have another rule, we only use lawyers who are highly recommended, who know the process for getting the Spanish Residency Visa inside out and who can speak to you in a language you can understand.

Wherever you are thinking of buying your Spanish property or properties, we have lawyers to represent you, and they are good. They understand our demand for a high level of service and customer satisfaction. It’s that simple. They give a high standard of work because we expect it and they know that any faults will mean we will move on as we have a list of approved lawyers in each area that only work with us on personal recommendation.

So, what does your lawyer need to know?

1) An essential knowledge of the local property market where you are purchasing your Spanish Property

2) The steps needed for applying for your Spanish Residency

3) All of the tricks and contacts that are needed for speeding up the process including the ability and desire to sign powers of attorney for you, to avoid you having to queue.

4) The fact that personal service is essential for our clients and that is all included in their price we pay them.

5) That there is a lot of work required after the purchase and preparation of the Spanish Residency Visa and that they are willing to put in that extra work for our clients.

Lawyers in Spain are noted for their inability to pass information onto the client. If you don’t ask the question then the lawyers don’t tend to volunteer information. Our lawyers are different; personable, approachable and professional. We know you will enjoy working with them.

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