Spanish residency for non EU nationals

Every Spanish visa application processed via ourselves is handled by a carefully selected law firm. The timing and accuracy of each application is paramount to a successful outcome.

Here is a brief guideline to the new process for Spanish visa application for non EU citizens:

  • A minimum investment of €500,000 in Spanish property.
  • The total investment can be the purchase of several properties (the purchase of land only is not acceptable).
  • The Spanish residency visa may be granted to immediate family members (spouse and children up to 18 years).
  • No minimum stay requirement to renew visa (ie. living in Spain is optional).
  • No minimum stay means no necessity to be tax resident.
  • The visa will be renewable for the first five years (the visa is renewable after the first year for a new period of 2 years. After the third year is is again renewable for a new period of 2 years, and after the fifth, the residents can become permanent) If you chose not to take permanent residency, you can continue to renew the visa as before.
  • Permanent residency can be applied for after five years.
  • The initial property investment can be sold once permanent residency has been obtained. (pending confirmation!)
  • The Visa allows unlimited travel throughout EU Schengen visa zone (for a maximum period of 30 days to a different UE country than the one granting the residency visa.)
  • The application should take a maximum 20 days (excluding time required to obtain and legalise necessary documents).
  • The investment must be made before the visa application.
  • All investments will result in a positive acceptance (usually only a criminal record will prevent acceptance).
  • Citizenship in Spain can be applied for after five further years of permanent residency* (although the law says that the standard term to apply for the citizenship for residency is 10 years)
  • EU citizenship is automatic with Spanish citizenship
  • At this point (ie after 10 years) a family can live, work and study anywhere within Europe.

*Please note that “permanent residency” status is only applied to individuals residing in Spain, on a permanent basis, for five years.

Requirements for the person making the Spanish visa application :

  • The applicant has not entered or stayed illegally in any Spanish territory.
  • To be 18 years of age or over.
  • To not have been refused entry in any of the Schengen countries.
  • To have public or private health insurance recognised in Spain.
  • To have sufficient economic means to cover personal and family living expenses (this amount will be revised regularly).
  • Proof of the investment must be made through a Registry of Property certificate proving ownership. Or, if the ownership title is not yet registered, via a copy of the acquisition public deed and proof of filing the deed in the Registry.


The new Spanish visa application process for non EU nationals is a step towards acquiring Spanish citizenship. It is a lengthy process but one that will open many doors for many people.

Acquiring Spanish residency gives you the right to live in Spain and to travel freely to Spain which is within the Schengen visa area of Europe. The legislation has no minimum period of residence. Hence an investor can buy a property in Spain, obtain residency and then travel freely to Spain at any time. Their family can live in Spain permanently, with access to schools, both state and private, selecting the type of education desired.

If this is what you want , read our 4 steps to residency application and then your next step is to simply contact us …


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