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What’s Inside?

How to Successfully & Painlessly Purchase a Property in Spain

  1. Introduction
  2. The Complicated Maze of Property Sales in Spain
  3. Estate Agents in Spain
  4. Why Buying “Direct from the Owner” Might Not Be All It Seems
  5. Do I need the Services of a Lawyer?
  6. It’s Time to Take a Look at the Shortlisted  Properties: The Inspection Visit.
  7. I have found a Property I want to Buy. So, What Happens Now?
  8. The Beginning ….


This “How to Successfully & Painlessly Purchase your best Property in Spain” guide has been designed to help you through the purchasing process of a property in Spain and, more importantly, give you some inside information that will save you not only time but also money.

Although we always recommend that you use the services of a professional when purchasing a property in Spain, there is no harm in understanding some of the “not so desirable” approaches you may encounter along the way and information you can find out for yourself.

This guide has been compiled by Lisa Sadleir and Graham Hunt of . Copyright belongs to Spain Property Net and this work is not to be reproduced without permission, or changed in any way without express written consent. All information is up to date at the time of writing.

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