There are many reasons of course for wanting to live by Valencia Beach whether that be the Malvarrosa or the Cabañal.

  • you are living in a big city

  • you have excellent Beaches on your doorstep

  • you have a brilliant climate 

  • the connection with the city is excellent via the tram, the bikes you can hire and the buses

  • the area has a life of its own

Malvarrosa Beach in Valencia

Malvarrosa Beach in Valencia

There is one huge attraction right now though. The prices. The prices are not a family who have moved down to the Malvarrosa area who welcome everyone, the prices refers to the money you will have to pay in order to buy your apartments or house by the beach in Valencia. The cost of buying property by the beach peaked in 2007. Many people were stopped from buying by the beach because it was considered expensive. That has all changed now and things look temptingly affordable.

Recently properties have been sold properties by the beach in Valencia for anything from forty thousand euros and up. We now have a dedicated property team in the area picking up properties that we consider to be good value and tempting for people within all price ranges. For anybody that wants a starter flat in Valencia we consider the beach area to be very, very good value

However, there are also excellent full family homes or houses down by the beach. These range from houses which need to be modernized up to luxury properties overlooking the beach starting from €1 million. If you go over to Spanish Property and search our listings on the homepage now you will find a lots of properties down by the Malvarrosa beach. We expect lots of interest in these properties because they represent fantastic value for money. Take a look  at some of the properties available and tell us what you think. If you agree with us that these properties represent excellent value for money why don’t you get down there and take a look at them for yourself.