March comes around every year of course and Fallas appears, the weather is usually starting to be stunning, and Valencia starts looking good in the pre Fallas festivities. So just a couple of videos and some pictures to show you from last year.

Firstly it was raining last year so we managed to get close to the first Mascleta of the Fallas fiestas (A Mascleta is a pile of firecrackers and fireworks going off for around 5 minutes sounding like a war zone.   There were 17 more of them to go before the fallas fiestas end every day in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento at 2pm.)

Then once the sun had made a reappearance, I bumped into the Fallera Mayor (The Queen of the Fallas Fiestas) doing the rounds around the Old Town in Valencia.

And after picking up the whole family we decided to go down to the beach and visit La Más Bonita, the best cafe in Valencia in my opinion.

The Malvarrosa Beach in Valencia in March

The Malvarrosa Beach in Valencia in March

Many people say that the Fallas Fiestas and the temperature around March time are the best to come into Valencia and experience the city. Others swear by the autumn when it is quieter and the stunning evening sunlight makes everything seem bathed in light. Others insist that when the heat arrives in the summer the city gets a great lazy atmosphere and that is when the pavement cafes come into their own especially after dark and Valencia gets its well deserved reputation for never sleeping. Winter is short so not many people have an opinion about that but crisp blue skies and cooler weather appear as a relief from the heat.