With the news that some flats in London at 1 Hyde Park are the most expensive real estate in the World at some 6000 Pounds per square foot (about 75000 Euros per square metre!!! Obscene) I thought I would ask the question, where is Valencia’s equivalent of One Hyde Park? What are marquee property prices like here? Where exactly are the exclusive areas of Valencia?

one hyde park london

one hyde park london

Well the obvious candidate is Calle Col√≥n the main shopping street in the centre housing an Apple Store, various Zara shops and three Corte Ingles department stores. The day before ex manager Claudio Ranieri was sacked from Valencia football club many years ago he bought a building in the street apparently. I have a flat that would be ideal for offices on the street and it is 180m2 and priced at 2 million Euros (11000 Euros per square metre) asking price of course ;-) . Apple opened the new Apple Store on Calle Colon Valencia on the corner of Calle Lauria and they have a whole building there in an agreement with the town council at a reduced rate because even with the Apple cash pile of 60 Billion Dollars they couldn’t see value in buying it!

Obviously overlooking the Plaza el Ayuntamiento or the Plaza e la Virgen in Valencia are prime sites too where prices can reach 12000 Euros per square metre for attic flats. The Ensanche area is a quite exclusive one too, leafy avenues and expensive shops however prices range from a reasonable 2000 Euros per square metre at one end to 9-10000 Euros at the other near the centre.

One of the important things to understand though when looking for a bargain property in Valencia is that very near to these marquee addresses it is possible to buy properties at less than half the price per square metre. Local knowledge is best to find marquee addresses at normal (ish) prices! Sometimes the difference can be found on the other side of the road looking at the expensive properties. If you have a good guide then finding the best properties at the best prices even within the most exclusive areas is very possible.

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