As mentioned briefly in A to Z reasons for living in Bilbao the transport options in Bilbao are vast and all very easily accessible. The infrastructure is well established making Bilbao accessible from all over Spain and abroad.

Here are some links regarding the transport options…



The airport for Bilbao is a mere 9 kilometres from the city close to Sondika to the northeast of Bilbao. Budget airlines such as Easyjet and Vueling both fly to and from here and cover the widest range of destinations.

Visit the official Aena webpage HERE.


The Port:

The Port of Bilbao is located on the Bilbao Abra bay, and along theEstuary of Bilbao, in Biscay (Basque Country) approximately 15 km west of Bilbao. You can take a ferry from here to countries such as the UK and it is also a port for cruise ships.

See the website for the Port of Bilbao HERE.


The Renfe station in Bilbao is situated centrally in the city. This terminus offers daily trains to Madrid, Alicante, Barcelona and other long distance destinations.

View the website HERE.

The FEVE terminal is located by the River (opposite the Theatre Arriaga) and close to Abando (RENFE) Station). FEVE provides commuter access to local villages, going as far as Balmaseda. There are even trains as far as Leon. Be warned though FEVE trains are SLOW (12 hours to Leon) they stop at every lamppost and they often have no toilets or buffets.

Look at their website HERE.


The city has 13 bridges connecting both sides of the river, it is connected to the European road network by the AP-8 toll motorway and to the north of Spain by the A-8 motorway and to the rest of Spain by the AP-68 toll motorway.


The city has 43 Bilbobus bus lines, 28 for normal buses, seven “micro-buses” for zones of the city that a normal bus cannot access, and eight night lines. The inner-city bus network has recently won a prize for its efficiency and quality of service. In addition, there are more than 100 BizkaiBus bus lines, connecting Bilbao with almost every point in Biscay and part of Alava. The city’s main bus station is called Termibus and is located near the San Mamés stadium.


The underground network (Metro Bilbao), inaugurated in 11 November 1995, is used by more than 85 million passengers every year. It has 2 lines that connect both banks of the Bilbao Metropolitan Area. There is a project under way to build a third line.

Their website is HERE.