Spanish residencySpain has finally approved the Golden Visa for Spanish Residency for non-European Union nationals. Effectively this now means that you can buy residency in Spain for just over €500,000 if you are from outside the European Union. Aimed squarely at buyers from the Middle East, Russia, and China, this rule is equally applicable for citizens of the United States, Canada, South America or anywhere else for that matter.

The investment of €500,000 minimum has to be in property or properties allowing you to build up a portfolio of rental properties or just find an extremely good property to live in.

The way to approach the Golden Visa for Spanish Residency may well be different in each area. In the Valencia region and certain areas of Malaga for example it is perfectly possible to get an extremely good house or apartment for under €300,000 therefore you would need to buy a few in order to satisfy the requirements of an investment of over €500,000. In central Madrid , Barcelona or parts of Malaga (certainly in the area around Marbella), it may be that you just need to purchase one property in order to satisfy the requirements.

The good news of course is that people from outside the European Union who have already bought property can count that price against the full amount needed to get their Spanish residency. For example, somebody who has bought a property of 200,000 Euros previously can now buy another of 300,000 in order to qualify for the golden Visa.

Spanish residency will now be granted automatically to anybody investing upwards of €500,000, however it is still best to make the application through recommended lawyers because they will make the process pain free and quicker. On this site we use only lawyers that we trust implicitly who know the system back to front and inside out.

Take a look at our site where we have descriptions and introductions to the areas you may consider, sample properties for you to look at from each area, and also links to all of the areas that you will need to think about when you are looking to get your golden Visa. We also include a short term rental service for when you are coming to look for your property, a service to get a temporary Visa to be here while you search for your property or properties, and even things like car hire while you are here.

We look forward to hearing from you. Simply fill in the contact form and tell us what you are looking for in Spain and where you will be looking and we will direct you to the best properties and also the best service in those areas.